Poncho Power!

One of the things I love about running my own business is the freedom it gives me to experiment with new ideas and designs.  Every year, as the leaves begin to take on their spectacular autumn colours, this is the sign for me to dust off my paper and pencils and start designing our new range for the following Spring.

Those initial sketches are painstakingly refined over the winter, ready for our fantastic manufacturers to work their magic and turn them into fully functioning prototypes that we can test with our customers!  Only the cutest characters make the grade.

If you have been following Bathing Bunnies on Facebook and Twitter, you will know that we are very excited to be launching seven new characters this year plus a totally new product in the range – the toddler towel poncho! 

I’ve wanted to design a range of towel ponchos for quite a while now.  These towel ponchos are so practical – you can simply pop one on your child in an instant making it the perfect towelling cover-up for a trip to the beach, swimming pool or for snuggling in after a bath.

And which cute characters were designed as ambassadors for the launch of such an important new product?  A pair of noble creatures with a fine royal pedigree of course – the Lion and the Unicorn!

Meet Dandy the Lion and Magic the Unicorn – the newest members of the Bathing Bunnies family!  I hope you love them as much as we do!