Taking the plunge: my first ever podcast!

As friends will know, I am usually quite reluctant to step into the spotlight. I’m much happier to stay in the background and let our Bathing Bunnies models shine! So, when I was asked recently if I would like to be interviewed for an eCommerce Masterplan Podcast, my first instinct was to run and hide!

But after taking some time to consider, I decided to take the plunge and I am so glad I did! The Podcast host, Chloë Thomas, was great and put me at my ease. I enjoyed being able to tell the Bathing Bunnies story and reflect on how far we have come since I started the business back in 2012.

As we prepare to launch our 2017 baby and toddler towel designs, including a brand new range of ponchos, I realise just how far Bathing Bunnies has come and I can’t wait to hear from our customers what they think!

If you would like to hear the eCommerce Masterplan in which I discuss how Bathing Bunnies started and my experiences of growing an online business, tune into the eCommerce Masterplan Podcast: