Learning to swim

It was all going so swimmingly!


I have been doing quite a bit of reminiscing lately.  I was thinking back fondly to those days of taking my toddler son to swimming lessons.  Actually, I’m not being 100% truthful!  While he took to the pool like a duck to water (excuse the pun), I spent a lot of my time staring longingly at the door!


Any parent who has spent more than five minutes sitting, fully clothed, at the side of an indoor heated pool will know what I am talking about.  In the summer, it’s just about OK, but in winter …. when else would you choose to go to a sauna wearing jeans, boots and a roll-neck sweater?  And don’t get me started on those shoe covers.  Holding a toddler and swim bag while alternately hopping on each leg, trying to fit a blue plastic bag over your foot is quite a workout!

Learn to swim


While my son was happy as Larry bobbing around in the pool, getting changed afterwards was a totally different matter.  It was like wrestling an octopus – a very wet and angry octopus.  This is partly why I designed our hooded toddler towels and robes as they wrap around tired toddlers so much better than a normal towel and the cute animal hood is a great distraction.  I will confess that there were a few times when I cut my losses and took him home still wrapped up in his robe!

Learn to swim

Angela Taylor

Founder of Bathing Bunnies