Celebrating all things bunny!

Today is International Rabbit Day – a day when rabbit fans across the world celebrate our fluffy friends.

When I was little, I had a pet rabbit.  She was called Cuddle Bunny – Cuddles for short – and was my best friend!  I’d always loved bunnies, ever since my parents had given me a copy of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter for Christmas.  I loved that Peter was a cheeky little rabbit and didn’t do what he was told.  I dreamed of one day having my own vegetable patch like Mr McGregor and filling it with rabbits!

Instead, I started my own baby bath towel business and called it Bathing Bunnies!  You are probably not surprised to hear that one of my first designs was a bunny hooded towel.  And, today, Bathing Bunnies has 7 different rabbit towel designs.  You can never have too many bunnies, I say 😉!

Angela Taylor

Founder of Bathing Bunnies